For anyone looking to waste ALOT of time....visit  This site is for selling and buying Australian handmade creations by undiscovered art, design & craft talent. There is so many beautiful childrens items, i am sure to feature a number of the stores in the future. The first to catch my eye is Birdy Numnum (although perhaps not a store for those on a tight budget) it features wall art and soft toys as shown below.

Kobie and Jemma from the Northern Territory are behind the gorgeous creations at Ollie Rose. These cute toys are just some of the products from this creative team. I also love the kids clothes!!
Go to the recipe page for my version of Zucchinni easy to make and use for lunches, best of all the kids love it. Happy Eating :)

Gorgeous party designs

What beautiful themed parties by I love this pink party, although am sure my two boys may be thinking differently!!
 Gorgeous couch by

It is so refreshing to find stylish kids furniture (ones that aren't covered in branded cartoon characters!)


The beginning

This is my first blog site and I'm hoping the beginning of a new era of online blogging and eventually a website or two.With Funky Munchkins I hope to share all the wonderful products and events that I discover on my journey through parenthood.