There are two amazing blogs that I have discovered recently that I would love to share with you all. The first is The Happy Home. Belinda posts about life in general and projects they have been doing around the home. The post that really caught my eye was the AMAZING (and most recylced cubby house).....check out the gorgeous photos below. I love the white and pastel colours. What a wonderful place for the kids to let their imagination run wild!!

The other blog is Thompson Family-Life. Danielle has a clear passion for vintage, kitsch crafts and design. Quite the opposite to the mellow colours in the above images, lots of 70's inspiration on this blog. Here are just a few of the amazing finds and creations Danielle has posted.

Enjoy these two amazing blogs!!
Am sure that some of you may have seen some of these amazing photos before, but I just couldn't resist sharing! This is how Adele Enresen from Helsinki entertained herself whilst on maternity leave. She creates these gorgeous scene, inspired by objects around her and her daughter Mila's outfits. You can see more of these creative images and follow Adele at her blog.