I may be jumping the gun here....but what is everyone going to do with all the beautiful used wrapping paper after chrissy?? If you are like me I have a hard time throwing gorgeous printed paper in the bin (even if it is the recycling). This inspired me to have a look around the web for some ideas of little crafty projects to do with the little fella once the excitment of Xmas and all the new toys has fadded. Here are a few of the ideas that I found. I love the bunting idea...thing we might make some and use to decorate the little ones cubby house!!

For me one of the best things about the Christmas season is all the delicious xmas baking!! Now that I have kids one of the best cooking activities is cookies!! Fun to make and fun to ice! I have found some wonderfully inspiring photos to tempt you all to dust of the cook books and hunt down those cookie cutters. For further inspiration drop by Sweet n Pretty, for amazing creations. In fact the top right corner image is one of their lovely images (the rest where found on Google Images, many for the wonderful talent at Martha Stewart, where there is a wonderful step by step tutorial for the gorgeous ginger people). For those of you wanting to branch out beyond the standard star or xmas tree, I have recently discovered a great Perth business Kool Cookie Cutters who stock over 300 unique cookie cutters. Enjoy cooking with your lovely little ones.......the more mess the more fun!!