Zucchinni Slice
This is a fab recipe. So easy to make. In my version I have omitted some of the fat (less oil and cheese), so that each serving is approx 105 Cal per serve!!  Best of all the kids love it!! (You can change the recipe to suit your own (and kids) taste ie. add more cheese, bacon/ham, onion etc.)

2 Carrots
cup Mushrooms
1.5 Zucchinni
1/2 cup lite cheese
1 cup SR Flour
5 Eggs (beaten lightly)
1 Tbsn vege oil

Heat oven to 180C. Fry off sliced mushrooms and grated carrots, set aside to cool. Grate zucchinni and then squeeze out as much moisture as you can. To the zucchhinni add all other ingredients and combine. I divide the mixture into a 12 medium muffin tin.Cook for 10-15min or until appears set.