Christmas is rapidly approaching (like it seems to every year!) so this weeks posts will feature Stocking Filler Ideas, all $15 or under. I will do this as three different posts to cover ideas for bubs, boys & girls.
Todays post is ideas for bubs. Quite a few of the items are from Made It stores, so not only will you be getting a bargain for bubs, you will be supporting Australian talent!

1. Onesie, $15 from Retrobimbi on Made It
2. Robot Bib, $15 from The Earthly Creative
3. Soft Block, $10 from Three Apples on Made It
4. Japanese Paper Balloons, $3.50 from My Poppet
5. Pony, $12 from Anak on Made It
6. Wooden Rattle, $9.99 from Spunky Bubs
7. Paisley Bib, $10 from Kazzalblue on Made It
8. Hooty Owl Toy, $14 from Funky Doll Designs on Made It

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